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Ladies Spa Event

Free Ladies Spa Day-WE LOVE WINDSOR 2014

Free Ladies Spa Day-WE LOVE WINDSOR 2014

Welcome to my Beauty Blog…….I am going to commit to writing regularly and sharing the different things happening on my journey of ‘Beauty – Spirit, Soul and Body’!  

So a little update on our upcoming event on June 7th here!  I am so excited about the free Ladies Spa Event we are hosting at Spirit of Excellence –it will be one of 16 free events across the city of Windsor, and the Ladies pampering day will be at my husband and I ministry Creativity Training Centre.  It’s part of the city wide event called ‘We Love Windsor’….and where hundreds of volunteers from many churches locally and coming from out of town will be working together at the many different types of events, ranging from the Ladies Spa day, a Princess Tea, a Free Store, a Carnival, Car Washes, neighbourhood clean-up and more!  for more information check the website as: 

We are anticipating over one hundred women to attend – and I have invited the women from the Hiatus House Shelter for women victims of abuse, and the Rehabilitation Centre.  I hope they can find a way here – because this will be a day of pouring God’s love into their hearts – Spirit-Soul and Body!  

So far donated for the event are 150 gift bags to give out to the ladies!   Also, I was told yesterday that a van load of toiletries are on their way to me next week – so we will stuff these gift bags up full to gift out to all the ladies who attend! They are going to be so blessed! I am very thankful for the generousity of the church people who have donated so far. We also are looking forward to another needed donation – of Paraffin wax – for the hot moisturizing hand paraffins and massages we will be doing for all the ladies. We need about 20-25 lbs of paraffins to fill the 3 heaters that I have in our beauty school – so please keep this in prayer and if anyone can donate – even in part for the funds (the cost of the paraffin will be around $65-$100)  to help us buy the paraffin needed for this wonderful event!

Thank you for keeping this event covered in prayer as we join in Unity and do tangible acts of kindness across our city!  God bless.

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