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Mustard Seed

Today I am reminded of the story of the tiny Mustard seed and yet how much it can grow and become a field, vast to the eye! In seeing this video interview with the grandma of some SOE kids that have been coming for about 7 years at our training centre Spirit of Excellence, I was touched and reminded of my ‘mustard seed’ that I began with here at Spirit of Excellence headquarters and how this little mustard seed has grown and filled up to overflowing our 3 buildings! Yes, almost 10 years ago the opportunity came to me to rent the building – the 1012 main building, one of the 3 we now own, and rent it to have a nice place – to teach all that I did. One main place, big enough to house all my creative arts supplies and classes! I didn’t really think long about the opportunity when it was presented to me, but simply said wow yes this building is huge – nice high ceilings for doing my flags, dance, streamers, and lots of storage and rooms to teach my courses in beauty, arts and the Queen Esther School. So I took the opportunity and began to plan the move of all my supplies. What seemed like a lot to me stored in my home office and 2 classroom size rooms I taught in (after closing our salon and school location when we went into full-time ministry in 1997) suddenly when I moved all these supplies and curriculum books into my new building, they all seemed so small. Actually what filled up my whole basement office and studio, suddenly fit into one of the small rooms in this new huge building. I unloaded more of the boxes, and they filled up this unique antique U shaped bar. It is the neatest antique original piece of furniture from the original Department store – this building was back in the 1940’s….Mr. Morris – owner of Morris Dry Goods – used it to retail his LEVI’s from. Many older people have come in for our concerts and expressed their fond memories of when they were very young they remember coming in as a child with their family and standing at this U shaped bar – and Mr. Morris pulling out his collection of Levi’s. So now in this huge building – all of my flags, dance supplies, cosmetics and nail supplies and furniture suddenly seemed small, so small that I had no idea what else could fill up this huge building. Well now nearly 10 years laters – I am amazed at how my tiny ‘MUSTARD SEED’ has been blessed by God and grown so much – to fill every corner of not only the first building I began by renting…..but the adjoining 2nd one and the 3rd – which we purchased all the group of attached only a few months later in June 2005. You have to imagine it all now…with nearly 15 sewing machines, 8 manicure tables, a bose sound system, 8 guitars, 3 drum sets, computers – old ones now :( a costume and wardrobe walk in closet, fine arts studio and soon to renovate into an ART GALLERY and COFFEE bar.

So I wish to encourage us all, to remember, that no matter how small it may seem that we have…that how even a tiny mustard seed will grow when you plant it and give it to God’s purposes! That it takes faith to give all you have, and humility to give what you have especially when it seems small. But that is really the important message for us! That trust God to bless and grow you mustard seed, and make it grow. So in this video – you will hear me share and thank this grammy on her giving of her all – her small donation – really is huge! If only everyone would give what they have – small and great…..I think there wouldn’t be any lack. The Kingdom of God – has no lack! I truly believe that as we all are obedient to trust God to grow our mustard seed – that we will see amazing miracles – like mentioned in Ephesians 3:20. “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,
Eph 3:21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.”
God bless you and may HE increase and grow your mustard seed, no matter how small it may be to you – it will truly grow if you water it with the Holy Spirit and see amazing things, more than you can even imagine!

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