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Testify to Love – Why I Flag Dance

It’s been since 1991 when I discovered the joy in dancing with the flags and began my wonderful journey in the worship arts.  I began to dance in 1986 when I found my first spiritual mentor in the ministry of dance and in ballet as she was a professional dance and ballet teacher then she began a ministry with her husband in Michigan and taught and used in her church how to minister in the prophetic through creative worship and movement arts and ballet.    That was under Evangel Christian Church, and their ministry training school. I also drove over to Troy Michigan weekly for group classes and private lessons with Dr. Sherill Piscopo.  I loved those years……it was so freeing to me and I was full of life and new discovery of my talents, giftings and new disciplines in movement, ballet and spiritual things related to Worship and why God created the arts.   I even experienced physical and emotional healings directly related to my flag ministry and learning the flag rudiments.  When I would dance and do ministry performances – after-ward I would realize that I had been healed of leg, ankle and hip injuries and weaknesses.

It’s quite amazing I ended up starting to dance at the age 26 and have continued on, all these years and I now am 55. When I was a young girl and in schoo,l my parents kept me from dancing even in ‘folk dancing’ class at school gym, since we were raised Baptist and were taught that dancing was evil! So when I heard Dr. Sherill Piscopo on the radio and her ministry in Dance for Worship, I was amazed and wanted to learn more. And thus I began studying the scriptures and the actual meanings in the strong Dictionary of the original scriptures written in Hebrew and their meanings on dance, flags and how it all was created by God. So I discovered that the arts, dance and movement and creative writing was all created by God for communicating to the world HIS Glory, plan of salvation and releasing HIS anointing for healing, and deliverance. But as the devil has corrupted many of the arts forms and used them to dishonour God and His purposes, many Christians have shyed away from the arts, instead of restoring the arts, for God’s Glory and their original purpose. Now when I minister in the dance, many women have shared they feel compelled to do the same, and so I encourage them and you to be open to discover this powerful liberating tool of worship with creative movement, the dance, flags, and be open to experiencing your healing and a unique touch from the Lord!

I have never stopped over these years, even though I have not been dancing as much as I would like.  Now this day I am re-committing myself to dance daily and use my creative worship tools and my body – soul and spirit to worship and minister to the Lord – for HE is so amazing – and HE ministers back to me and pours in HIS LOVE and Healing anointing!

So now today I begin teaching a new schedule in Flag Classes, for my Intermediate Flag level 2 of students here in Windsor at our Ministry of Role Modeling the Spirit of Excellence.  After the flag rudiment instruction class we will work on new choreography and I felt led to find a song that would be good to use for Outreach concerts in the community as well as be meaningful.  The song we will begin to work on is ‘TESTIFY TO LOVE’ by Wynonna Judd.

This is why I dance with the flags and creative worship tools…….to use every breath I take to give thanks to my Lord and Saviour for all he has done already – and to come!  No matter what we may experience around us – and we are in some challenges right now – I will not stop Praising HIM and sharing what HE has done for us!  I will continue and increase my efforts by HIS GRACE in Raising UP Young Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Worshippers!   It is a joy to see young people discover their giftings, and be excited to learn and develop their potential.  Providing a safe and confidence building training centre where they can grow and be activated and gain the experience they need to fulfill the calling on their lives is worth all the battles we have to go through.  After all we are all growing in our relationship with the Lord, and become stronger in our faith and knowledge of HIS Kingdom living.

I hope you enjoy this video of the song, and once we learn the choreography with the flags and dance, I will share it too!

Bless you all and I pray you will experience the JOY, HEALING and liberating power of LIFTING UP THE BANNERS to the Lord! Don’t let your size, your age or anything stop you from learning the flags and picking up what is in your hand….or put a flag in your hand – and experience the joy of being in HIS Presence!

“We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners.  May the Lord fulfil all your petitions!”  Psalm 20:5

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