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New Gel line of Instant Dry Polishes!

With the soon approaching Grand opening of our new Ministry & School location  – I’m into unpacking (still…..ughhh) making plans, investigating and trying out new products and getting all the new furniture designed and installed!  Lots and lots to do and think of….so I’m checking out new products and praying for the absolute best in technology and products to share with my graduates, and new students signing up for the Spring 2015 session in Kosti Beauty Institute Aesthetic Courses and our expanded salon area and more new clients!

One line I came across and can’t wait to try it out is Bio Seaweed Gel.  

They claim their line does some amazing things!!!  I hope so – to date I love the high shine gloss of GELS – but so often they have peeled way too soon for my liking!  But I want the advantages of odorfree, instant dry, beautiful colour selections for my clients manicures – and one that lasts long!  So check out these fabulous details here:  (I’ll get back to you with my findings and as soon as we are open for nail appointments in our beautiful new location)

  • products are big-5 free, with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents
    – BSG is odourless, dustless and safe for all ages and even pregnant women
  • Absolutely no sanding, drilling, primers or bonders required
    – Some gel products still require a damaging “rough-up” of the natural nails with an electric drill or nail file so the product can adhere better; BSG goes directly on dry, clean nails
    – Some gel products also still require a primer or bonder, an air-dried liquid agent that, again, ensures better adherence for longer-lasting results; BSG does not, our no-chip formula is stop of the line
  • Industry Record 5 Minute Soak-Off Removal
    – When using the correct removal process and materials, BSG is a breeze to remove
    – Removal process is key to how a gel polish will impact your nails; a hard removal is not only time consuming but damaging!
    – Always use professional acetone to remove, follow proper steps and never peel the gel off prematurelyQ: What is the full BSG product line?A: We carry the entire professional gel system, from gel polishes to sculpting gels. Please see our products page to find detailed product information: How many colours are there in the Bio Seaweed Gel collection?

    A: We currently have 189 colours, with new colours added seasonally!
    76 3STEP Colour Gel Polishes
    114 UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polishes

    Q: What is UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish?/strong>

    A: The BSG 3-STEP Colour Gel Polishes are the traditional colour gel polishes that require both top and base, regardless for hands or toes. UNITY Colours are the perfect pedicure product, that DO NOT require top and base for the toes.

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity One Step Colours

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity One Step Colours

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-in-One Coloured Gel Polish

Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-in-One Coloured Gel Polish

Bio Seaweed Gel 3 step Colours

Bio Seaweed Gel 3 step Colours

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