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Find Out about Bio-SeaWeed Gel Manicures

Bio Seaweed Gel Manicures!

Bio Seaweed Gel Manicures!

Q: What is gel polish and how is it different from regular nail polish?

A: Gel polish is applied to either natural nails, artificial nails or even acrylic nails. It comes in Base, Colour & Top, just like regular nail polish. However, gel has many more advantages!

Gel cures (dries) instantly from 30 seconds to 2 minutes under UV/LED light so there is no more waiting time as per regular nail polish. GEL DOES NOT AIR DRY. It is designed to be durable and more suitable for the busy everyday life, created to last 2+ weeks with no chips, lifts or cracks.

Gel is a “soak-off” removal. Unlike regular nail polish, you must “soak” the gel polished nails in professional acetone then remove by gently pushing off loosened gel.

This is the essential difference between gel polish and regular nail polish. It cures instantly and last 2+ weeks (take that 2-day nail polish)!

*Remember GEL POLISH is the product – NOT a brand name! Just like every cosmetic, there are different brands with different benefits and drawbacks. We highly do not recommend anyone using unknown gel polishes. Ask your technician what they are using, look at the products personally, do some research! You would not pick a face cream or shampoo blindly, why deprive your nail health?

Q: Now more importantly, how is Bio Seaweed Gel (BSG) different than other gels?

A: BSG is the healthier gel choice. Regardless of the frequency of wear, BSG will not cause damaged nails while still performing as a professional gel for weeks of chip-free high shine nails. Our products do not stain, weaken or dehydrate the natural nails.



  • All our products are big-5 free, with no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents
    – BSG is odourless, dustless and safe for all ages and even pregnant women
  • Absolutely no sanding, drilling, primers or bonders required
    – Some gel products still require a damaging “rough-up” of the natural nails with an electric drill or nail file so the product can adhere better; BSG goes directly on dry, clean nails
    – Some gel products also still require a primer or bonder, an air-dried liquid agent that, again, ensures better adherence for longer-lasting results; BSG does not, our no-chip formula is stop of the line


  • Industry Record 5 Minute Soak-Off Removal
    – When using the correct removal process and materials, BSG is a breeze to remove
    – Removal process is key to how a gel polish will impact your nails; a hard removal is not only time consuming but damaging!
    – Always use professional acetone to remove, follow proper steps and never peel the gel off prematurelyQ: What is the full BSG product line?A: We carry the entire professional gel system, from gel polishes to sculpting gels. Please see our products page to find detailed product information: How many colours are there in the Bio Seaweed Gel collection?A: We currently have 189 colours, with new colours added seasonally!
    76 3STEP Colour Gel Polishes
    114 UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polishes

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