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Welcome to my world of Kosti Beauty, my personal spot to share my expertise with you and our journey together in Enhancing Your Beauty – Spirit Soul and Body!

33 years ago I entered the fashion modeling & beauty industry, graduated as an Aesthetician, became an award-winning nail & make-up artist, and then a college beauty educator.  I didn’t like teaching 40+ students at once and so I opened my own Training School the Kosti Beauty Institute (KBI) in the early 1980s, now certifying more than 1,500 professional Nail Techs and Make-up Artists.

I started young in my career and never really thought ahead much so my life experiences developed quickly with many diverse areas and associates which broadened my scope of experience.  I now can describe my life as a ‘honey comb’ meaning from the dictionary ‘anything whose appearance suggests such a structure, especially in containing many small units’  each of them sweet and rich in their own unique entities but all linked together to make one main structure!   All the many areas of expertise and skills each one different and unique but all tied in together to me and who God created me to be and to share with others.  All these experiences that have brought me to my current never ending journey of learning and growth and writing, and teaching.

Through opening my own Nail & Aesthetic Salon in the early ’80’s,  I discovered my love for training up and employing women in need and giving them a better career and job.   But I desired to impact women in a more meaningful way and use this powerful beauty industry for God’s glory, so  after my husband graduated from Bible School, I also attended, to become more equipped in famliy counselling, crisis calls, and discovering life’s purpose.  Then I merged my skills as an aesthetician, image consultant, flag and dance instructor, minister and model with a desire to train others and enrich their lives on a deep level to know Christ, discover their talents, and fulfil their potential through inspiring a lifestyle of excellence.

I live an adventurous life with my husband John of 29 years of marriage – combining full-time Urban Ministry, with beauty, creative arts, leadership & life skills training centre.   Our two daughters are grown and married and we are blessed with 5 grand children.

I discovered my love for expressive worship in the early 1990’s through lifting up the banners and flag twirling, dance and hand-painted silks, which became a creative and powerful tool drawing children and young women whom I instruct  in personal development and spiritual guidance inspiring a lifestyle of excellence and worship.


  • Magda
    November 22, 2015 - 11:29 PM | Permalink

    hi, I saw the product in your shop on line Nails Alive, do I have to buy it on line or can I stop by and do it at your shop? and if I can do it at your shop what are your hours and which address is correct the Riverside or Droullard? Thank you

    • Colleen Kosti
      August 9, 2016 - 10:08 PM | Permalink

      Hi – thank you for your comment! Our new location is 2879 Riverside Dr., E., Windsor. Our entrance and parking lot is from the east side street – Cadillac. We have flexible hours depending on courses, events etc….so just give a call first.

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