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A Fresh Eye Opening Look

Often we don’t know what colours to blend together and yes it does matter! Too much, too dark, not blended enough! Yes it can all be very [...]

Crystal Bling Acrylic Sculptured Nails

Way back in 1986 – I won first place trophy in Sculptured Nails – on a nail biter!  With only 12 weeks of experience doing acry [...]

Glitter Tat Party

Thank God it’s Friday – and are you feeling like a party!? Come on over for a Glitter Tat Party – or book yours at your specia [...]

Mural Nail Design Video

Hand Painted Nail Mural tutorial. I love the beauty of hand painted nail artistry!  It makes your hands look so polished and professional, [...]

Get Fit

Getting FIT – Body – Soul and Spirit is the most motivating way to increase your overall well-being and stay youthful!  1 Corin [...]

Marble Nails

My Beauty Blog today features the beauty of Nail Polish Marble Nail designs. Marble Nail Artistry is a beautiful technique resembling the re [...]

My Skin is Healed – Healing Testimony

My healing testimony and before and after pics of my skin being healed. I had been experiencing a terrible problem with the skin on my face [...]

Beauty Tips – Radiant and Youthful!

Nicolette is a youthful and energetic woman – full of warmth and lots of love for life! Here you will see an excellent before and afte [...]

Airbrushed Makeup?

Today we are going to take a glimpse at AB makeup – what’s it all about ? How do we do it and why is it a nice look? Hang tightR [...]

Your Ideal Silhouette Interactive Head to Toe: For Women

Knowing what to wear and how to wear it are two vital ingredients that can help women succeed in the workplace. Your Ideal Silhouette Intera [...]
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